Thanks for visiting our blog! My mom taught me that a good meal, made from scratch, can solve just about everything.The recipes on this blog are gentle on tummies, tasty, weight-loss promoting, and can be made without a fuss. Most of them are free of gluten, dairy, corn, and sweeteners. Best of all, they help those that eat them become more patient, more loving, and more kind. Please, keep in touch! Thanks again for visiting.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

This recipe has been a lifesaver! I created it after researching online hand sanitizer recipes. I had found a lot that I liked, but most of them called for several essential oils, which would have been steep to purchase. Instead, this hand sanitizer allows real plants and spices to steep indefinitely in a blend of vodka, aloe and witch hazel. It is very affordable to make, smells amazing, and is gentle on your hands. :)

2/3c vodka
2/3c witch hazel
2/3c aloe juice
1/4t tea tree oil

16 capsules or 40 drop vitamin E
16 lavender blossoms
16 small lavender sprigs
8 cinnamon sticks, broken in half (we use a hammer)
8 small sprigs rosemary
24 cloves

Combine the four liquid ingredients and mix well. Using a funnel, pour into individual containers. Make sure to leave some headroom. We like these little plastic squirt bottles, which hold 1/4c, but we only have a few, so we store the rest in glass jars. 

We put contents of 2 vitamin E capsules (easy to crush with a clean garlic press!),  lavender flowers, 2 lavender sprigs, 1/2 cinnamon stick, 1 sprig rosemary, and 4 cloves in each 1/4c squirt bottle. 

If you prefer, you could simply combine all ingredients in a quart jar and allow to to steep one week before pouring some off to use. Hand sanitizer will be stronger the longer it steeps. :)

Enjoy your picnics and on-the-go meals! 

Gelatin Pudding 3.0

It has been a long time since I have done a gelatin pudding post here. Lately, there has been so much amazing food passing over our dining room table, I haven't needed as many snacks! However, this is still a great dessert and a nice way to add a little protein to a meal. I have refined how I make it these days, so thought I should share the latest and greatest with my readers. This makes a bit less than my previous versions, but I like it much better, as it is more flavorful and has a better texture.

1/2c warm water
1/8-1/4t salt
1/8t vanilla
1t coconut butter
1T gelatin
1 handful frozen berries

Measure first four ingredients into blender. Add gelatin and blend immediately. When smooth, turn off blender and add berries. Blend until slightly thickened. Pour into a pretty bowl; pudding will set in just a minute or two. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Splendid Salad

No recipe in this post, but I wanted to share a photo of my beautiful first course tonight. I admit to being a pickle-holic. This salad features pickled beets, pickled carrots, pickled cucumber and pickled red cabbage, as well as cheesy sprouted sunflower seed croutons and vinaigrette. YUM! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quilts-in-Progress Sacks

My wonderful Aunt Sarah is a fabulous quilter. She currently keeps her works-in-progress in grocery bags. I just put these in the mail to her, so her quilts-to-be may soon enjoy more upscale homes. Thank you for sharing your gift of creativity with me, Sarah! 

Incidentally, I found this iron-on-transfer at Goodwill for 59 cents. It was in its original packaging and still worked, though it had been printed in 1993! The instructions and illustrations were amusing (they recommended adding Puff Paint embellishments!). There was one flaw in the transfer, which is why I added the fabric frame. In this case, neccessity is the mother of cuteness! :)

It is such a life lesson that if you do what you can with what you have, things will turn out brilliantly. I spent a couple days being irked at the flaw, but it was all part of God's plan to make the bag even better! Note to self. Do not sit around waiting for perfect circumstances. Be patient in reflecting on how to use what you have, be open to a better way, and get busy when it is revealed to you. God will make it all turn out just right! :)