Thanks for visiting our blog! My mom taught me that a good meal, made from scratch, can solve just about everything.The recipes on this blog are gentle on tummies, tasty, weight-loss promoting, and can be made without a fuss. Most of them are free of gluten, dairy, corn, and sweeteners. Best of all, they help those that eat them become more patient, more loving, and more kind. Please, keep in touch! Thanks again for visiting.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nutter Butter Pudding (FP)

(Action shot: adding the ice cubes)

Wowser, that was a good breakfast. Blog post worthy. Yaaay! It's been a little while since a meal swept me off my feet so I'm thrilled. And I cannot believe it is FP! It is so good and so filling!

I've been trying to integrate brazil nut protein powder into puddings for a week or so. Happily, 2T of protein powder and 1T of banana are a match made in heaven. The texture is perfect-- creamy, rich and light at the same time. 

3/4c very warm water
2T gelatin
1t coconut butter
1/4t salt
2T brazil nut protein powder
1t maca powder
1T cocoa powder
Splash of vanilla
1T banana (I just cut off a piece of a frozen one)
4 or more ice cubes

Place warm water in the blender. While running, gradually add gelatin and coconut butter. Allow to whiz while assembling other ingredients. Add salt, brazil nut protein powder, maca, cocoa powder and vanilla. Next, add banana and blend well. Then add ice cubes in short succession. Blend until mixture is thick. If mixture doesn't thicken, it just isn't cold enough yet; add more ice cubes until it does. Enjoy!

Serves one.

Banana 2g carb
Coconut butter 3g fat 1g carb 
Brazil nut protein powder 1g fat 3g carb 10g protein
Cocoa powder 1g fat 1g carb 1g protein
Gelatin 18g protein

Fat 5g 
Usable Carbohydrate 7g 
Protein 28g

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cafe Mocha Pudding FP (gf, df, sweetener free)

This pudding is in honor of my mom. She taught me that a good meal, made from scratch, can solve just about everything. Thanks to her, I learned how to keep a proper pantry, always eat good food and never run out of eggs. ;) 

This recipe reminds me of her because she loves coffee ice cream, and has had a lifelong love of France and all things French since first visiting there in college. Despite working full-time and raising three daughters she has followed her heart and returned there many times. She has been married to my dad for more than forty years. 

My mom is super creative, and even during the busiest times she had projects going... handknits for us girls, handsewn clothes for herself. These days her medium of choice is quilting. 

And she can teach, and raise kids well. What have I not learned from my mom!? I am SO blessed. 

(I have a wonderful dad too. I'll tell you about him sometime when I develop a great recipe for roasted cashews ;) ).

And now for the Cafe Mocha Pudding recipe. Isn't it pretty? 

It is also packed with protein and ready in minutes. Best of all, though it is FP, it always seems like a big treat!

3/4 c warm prepared coffee (or warm water if using an espresso ice cube)
2T gelatin
1T cocoa powder 
1/2t vanilla
1/4t salt
1t coconut butter (optional; feel free to omit or increase to 1T for S)
Ice cubes (one espresso if not using warm coffee)

Whiz warm liquid in blender. Add gelatin and remaining ingredients except ice cubes; allow to combine well. Add 3 ice cubes in quick succession until only slightly thicker, like a frappe. If it doesn't thicken at all, even after blending for a few moments, add one more ice cube and watch carefully for signs of thickening for a while longer. The more ice cubes you add, the thicker it will be, and it's possible to add too many-- it is better to err on the side of too few. I personally find that I prefer a light, fluffy pudding. Immediately pour into your serving dish as it will set in just a moment. Serve immediately; this dish is quick to make and does not store well. Bon appetit!

Espresso Ice Cubes
2T coarsely ground coffee
I devised this method because I am a clueless non-coffee-drinker and don't own a funnel, filter etc. I'm also thrifty, and want to extract the maximum coffee goodness from my fair trade organic coffee (please buy this!). Put ground coffee in a tea ball. Pour 2c boiling water over the top and let steep until cool. Pour liquid into ice cube tray. Then, boil more water and rebrew the coffee, allow to cool, and freeze that too. You'll end up with some espresso ice cubes and some coffee ice cubes, which is handy so you can choose the best amount of caffeine for you at any given time. 

Sweetener-Free GGMS

GGMS stands for Good Girl Moonshine-- a drink created by Pearl and Serene, the THM sisters. It is truly delicious but really needs a sweetener to make it taste right. Since I'm on break from sweeteners but hooked on GGMS, I created this drink. YUM! And since lemon juice supports the liver, your body will thank you. 

2 teabags Yogi Tea Ginger
1/2t salt
1 capsule sunflower lecithin
Dash lemon oil
Splash lemon juice (2-4T; can substitute some or all with Apple Cider Vinegar)

Boil 2c water and pour over teabags. Let steep until cool or overnight. I reserve teabags for a second use; in Jane Austen's day they were reused five times! Pour tea into blender and add contents of lecithin capsule (for slight creaminess and to emulsify lemon oil) and 1/2t salt (for electrolyte balance). Whiz for a minute or so, then add lemon juice and lemon oil. Pour into a 1/2 gallon jar and fill to the top with cold water. Important: do not drink more than half of this all in one sitting please! Been there and done that. Oops. But do try to drink a gallon of fluids a day, your body will thank you. :) This yummy drink will make that easy. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cocomint Skinny Chocolate (df, sweetener free)

Whoa. That was some GOOD skinny chocolate. So good, I must post the recipe... and perhaps make more to take a picture. We'll see how long it lasts once I do. ;)

If you can't do sweeteners, and also do not thrive on popular low-carb sugar substitutes, I hope this recipe will bless you.

2T coconut oil, melted
1T coconut butter
dash of mint flavor (I use frontier organics)
2T shredded unsweetened coconut
1T unsweetened cocoa powder
1 t maca powder (sneaky supplement-- I use to balance hormones-- feel free to omit)

First, put a plate in the freezer (I often leave one in for when the urge strikes). This prevents the skinny chocolate from sticking to the plate, and helps it set in a flash. 

Melt coconut oil in a metal measuring cup on the stovetop or over a cup of tea. Meanwhile, measure dry ingredients into a small bowl. As soon as coconut oil has mainly liquefied, remove from heat (if a couple little lumps remain, swirl with a fork). Mash in coconut butter until well combined. Add mint flavor and dry ingredients and stir well. 

Pour onto frozen plate, return to freezer and patiently wait two minutes until it magically solidifies.  Enjoy!! Serves one. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Raspberry Creme Pudding

As you can see from my recent flurry of posts, I have been really enjoying liquid stevia lately. It makes everything taste so sweet and yummy! However, at the end of a weekend full of puddings and iced tea by the half gallon, I found myself a sneezin' fool. Can it be that I am one of the few for whom stevia causes ragweed allergy symptoms? I decided that stevia and I must take a little break to assess whether or not this was true.

I did not go quietly into this decision. Let's say I was irked. My first full day with No Treats I was so miffed I ate more than my share of peanuts-- and usually I don't eat any nuts whole as they are a trigger food for me. Thankfully I snapped out of Eeyoring about it and got busy in the kitchen. 

Today is Day 4 and I have finally figured out a FP pudding worthy of posting. The sweetener-free puddings I came up with Monday-Wednesday ranged from "okay" to "definitely better than yesterday" to "GROSS!" to "good, but weird." None were blog-worthy until now. I don't know to what degree my tastebuds have changed in four days, but this one is great! Thank heavens I have found a new FP reason to get out of the bed in the morning! 

3/4c warm water
2T gelatin
2t coconut butter
1/2t or more cinnamon
1/4t salt
dash lemon flavoring
dash vanilla
6-8 raspberries
3 or more ice cubes

Whiz water in the blender, gradually adding gelatin. Add coconut butter, then remaining room-temperature ingredients. Add blackberries, then ice cubes two at a time. If pudding suddenly gels after the first two ice cubes, just go with it-- your pudding is done! :) If not keep adding ice cubes until it does. Enjoy the magical transformation of your treat today and of your body over time! 

Protein: 18g Carbohydrate: 1g from coconut butter (I don't  add in the carbs from blackberries) Fat: 5.33333 repeating grams ;)

Variation: Cocoa Pudding (almost FP, barely S)
3/4c warm water
2T gelatin
2 t coconut butter 
1T cocoa powder
scant 1/4t salt 
dash of vanilla 
4 or more ice cubes
Protein: 18g Carbohydrate: 2.5g Fat: 6g
To make this FP, use only 1t coconut butter.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just Like Commercial Lemon Iced Tea

Hooray! I've recreated the flavor of commercial lemon iced tea in my kitchen, without the excess sugar. I am in love with this drink! After years of "just water for me, please," it is a huge treat. I make this every day now. What a tasty way to stay hydrated!

2 teabags or 2t loose black tea (fair-trade and organic)
1 capsule NOW sunflower lecithin (contents only; discard shell)
1/2t salt
20 drops NOW liquid stevia (organic)
dash lemon flavoring (I use frontier)
2t lemon juice

Brew one cup of very strong tea; let cool. Combine tea with other ingredients and blend until white and frothy. Pour into a half gallon jar and fill to the top with water. Enjoy!! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sprouted Brown Rice Tortillas

This week I set off in search of a cheap, organic, sprouted, homemade-with-love, gluten free, low-glycemic, lowfat tortilla recipe and.... didn't find one. So, I made one up. And it worked! Huzzah. 

These are replacing Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas in my diet. They are a lovely product, but I knew a homemade version
could be cheaper, healthier and better.

No further ado, as I must go to bed, and really want to post this tonight. It is a generous serving for one, but you could probably make it last two meals. Or make little ones and toss them in the dehydrator after stovetop cooking, to make crackers. Enjoy this recipe!! 

2T sprouted brown rice flour
2T sprouted millet flour*
2T sprouted buckwheat flour*
1t psyllium husks (not powder-- I understand you would only need to use a rounded 1/4t of the powder, but haven't tried this myself)
1/4t salt
3T water

Heat seasoned cast iron skillet on the stove (do not add any oil). In a small bowl, whisk together dry ingredients. Stir in the water, a tablespoon at a time, with a fork. Divide and roll into 2 or 3 balls. One at a time, place the ball of dough between pieces of parchment paper. Roll out through the paper with a rolling pin. Place the whole thing, paper and all, in your skillet. Safety note: stay right near the stove to keep an eye on things no matter what! Flip tortilla in the parchment paper after a couple of minutes. Then, once it is apparently fully cooked, remove it from the parchment paper to brown a little. Repeat rolling and cooking steps with remaining ball(s) of dough. 

Scrumptious if I do say so myself!! And at least as flexible as the Food For Life Tortillas, if not more flexible. :) I ate them on their own tonight but burritos are in my future now.

p.s. Full disclosure: I do not yet have sprouted millet or buckwheat flours. I ground hulled unsprouted raw buckwheat in my blender, then unsprouted raw millet, to accomplish this recipe. I did use sprouted brown rice flour from the bulk foods section of my coop. I'm sure this will work with sprouted millet and buckwheat flours. I'm going to start soaking those grains tonight, so I can sprout, dehydrate and grind them. I will report back with an update later. In the meantime, these flours are available pre-sprouted and ground here:

P.p.s. I'll leave you with an image of my kitchen, when I am in mad scientist mode. Many thanks to my partner for patience and photography. :) 

Note added in August: finally got my millet and buckwheat sprouted and dried. Tried this recipe again. My goodness, it was wonderful! Chewy, flexible, moist. Delicious. Instead of dividing into 2-3 balls, I kept it in one piece for a regular-sized tortilla. 

Note added 9/18/14: I just double-checked that this recipe serves one for a THM E meal. It came out at 33.75g net carbohydrate, which leaves a little room for 1/3c beans in your burrito. Yaaay! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Instant Gratification Chocolate Tootsie Roll Pudding

Move over, post-it notes. I have made the most wonderful accidental invention. I was making a smoothie one day, did things in a slightly different order, and ended up with (...drumroll...) chocolate pudding! And please don't tell me because I think it is a HUGE dessertey treat but it is (whispered) fuel pull!! Other fine qualities: except stevia, ingredients can be bought at any grocery store at affordable prices, contains 20g protein. 

So, without further ado, lets get started! 

3/4c very warm tap water (not scalding or boiling)
2T gelatin
1-2T presweetened cocoa powder (combine 1c cocoa powder with 1/2t stevia; great in any recipe!)
1T almond meal
dash lemon flavoring (I use frontier)
dash vanilla
10 drops liquid stevia
1/4t salt
4 or more ice cubes

Place very warm water in blender. Put on cover and turn on. Carefully lift up cover and gradually pour in gelatin. Mixture will turn white and frothy, and smell strongly of gelatin. Don't worry, just let the blender keep running while you get the other ingredients assembled on the counter. 

Add remaining ingredients except ice cubes and allow blender to run until the mixture looks creamy and uniform. Add ice cubes two at a time. After either four or six ice cubes, your mixture will start to look very thick (if it doesn't, keep adding ice cubes until it does). Turn off blender immediately (otherwise you'll get shredded jello). Pour into your bowl-- yes, you get to eat all of this deliciousness!!! :) 

Nutritional information: 3g carbs, 5g fat (7 if using 2T cocoa), 20g protein 

Variation: Blackberry Green Tea Pudding (FP)
Necessity was the mother of this invention. I slept maybe four hours last night and have an important business meeting this morning, so I brought out the Matcha powder for wakefulness. The result is super... wouldn't have thought it could be as delightful as the original but it totally is. Yum. 
Omit chocolate and almond meal. Add 2t Matcha powder. After adding first two ice cubes, add 1/4c (or less) frozen blackberries. Pudding will probably set immediately; if not add one more ice cube. This is a fp recipe, too, and it is even lower fat than the original.... there is no source of fat in this recipe. 

Variation: Decadent Thin Mint Pudding (S, not fp)
Use 2T chocolate, 1/2t salt, 20 drops stevia, and substitute peppermint oil for the lemon oil. 

Variation: Lovely Lemon (FP)
Omit almond meal and chocolate, add 2 t lemon juice. Beautiful white fluffy cloud of yum! 

Variation: Egg Nog (S)
Omit cocoa, almond meal, and lemon extract. Add cinnamon, freshly grated nutmeg, 1/4 c coconut milk, 1 pastured egg yolk and extra vanilla. This is the most scrumptious of all!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chocolate for a Happy Brain

It has been unpardonably long since I developed this wonderful recipe. I truly apologize for not sharing it with you before now! While on vacation, I took the time to reread the book Trim Healthy Mama. I am so glad I did; I learned a lot! One of the things I zeroed in on this time around was their emphasis on hormone-related anxiety and depression for women, along with very concrete superfood suggestions of how to alleviate them. 

For the last two years (!), I've not been as cheerful as I usually am. I know depression can be a real monster, and thankfully it didn't totally debilitate me. However, it rang true that my hormones needed support as well, so when I read in Trim Healthy Mama about traditional superfoods that addressed both of these challenges as a duo, I was thrilled. As soon as I got home from my trip, I started making this recipe every day.

Anyway, almost exactly one month after eating my daily antidepressent chocolate, I turned to my sweetie and said, "I feel like myself again!" This brighter mood has persisted. It is not to say that my life circumstances are perfect now, but I am facing them with an attitude of appreciation instead of despair.

So now, I'd like to welcome our guests of honor (sound the trumpets!): Maca Powder and Brazil Nut Protein Powder!!! The book Trim Healthy Mama recommends selenium and Maca for supporting brain and hormonal health, and brazil nuts are rich in selenium, so i developed this recipe.

Brazil Nut Protein Powder Chocolate 
2T coconut oil
2T brazil nut protein powder
1T presweetened cocoa powder (to make, combine 1/2t pwd stevia per cup of cocoa powder)
1t Maca powder

Keep a small plate in the freezer. When ready to make, melt coconut oil (I put it in a metal measuring cup right on the stovetop, but you could do a double boiler). Mix dry ingredients well, and whisk thoroughly to combine with melted coconut oil. Pour onto frozen plate and return to freezer for 5-10 minutes. Enjoy! But only once a day. More than that, and you get too much selenium. :)

P.s. Here is some information about Maca from the Livestrong website: "A 2006 study published in the "International Journal of Biomedical Science" also found maca to have an antidepressant effect on rats. It also slightly sedated the rats without affecting their cognitive function. The scientists attributed these results to the balancing effect maca had on sex hormone levels. They found that rats given maca had decreased levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which are stress-inducing hormones. They conclude that maca is useful in correcting physiological symptoms of menopause in women." 

Note on May 1st, 2014
If you would like to make this without stevia, use unsweetened cocoa. After melting coconut oil and removing from heat, add 1T coconut butter.