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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nutter Butter Pudding (FP)

(Action shot: adding the ice cubes)

Wowser, that was a good breakfast. Blog post worthy. Yaaay! It's been a little while since a meal swept me off my feet so I'm thrilled. And I cannot believe it is FP! It is so good and so filling!

I've been trying to integrate brazil nut protein powder into puddings for a week or so. Happily, 2T of protein powder and 1T of banana are a match made in heaven. The texture is perfect-- creamy, rich and light at the same time. 

3/4c very warm water
2T gelatin
1t coconut butter
1/4t salt
2T brazil nut protein powder
1t maca powder
1T cocoa powder
Splash of vanilla
1T banana (I just cut off a piece of a frozen one)
4 or more ice cubes

Place warm water in the blender. While running, gradually add gelatin and coconut butter. Allow to whiz while assembling other ingredients. Add salt, brazil nut protein powder, maca, cocoa powder and vanilla. Next, add banana and blend well. Then add ice cubes in short succession. Blend until mixture is thick. If mixture doesn't thicken, it just isn't cold enough yet; add more ice cubes until it does. Enjoy!

Serves one.

Banana 2g carb
Coconut butter 3g fat 1g carb 
Brazil nut protein powder 1g fat 3g carb 10g protein
Cocoa powder 1g fat 1g carb 1g protein
Gelatin 18g protein

Fat 5g 
Usable Carbohydrate 7g 
Protein 28g

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