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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cran-Raspberry Pudding (FP, GF, DF, purist-friendly, sweetener free)

This beautiful FP pudding brings back childhood memories of yummy juiceboxes at lunch. It is so light, it is the perfect slimming late-night snack!

Editorial note: I had been sugar- and sweetener-free for a couple of months before developing this recipe. It is tart. If you like, you can add a desired amount of sweetener along with the salt and the lemon extract, or use a full Tablespoon of coconut butter to make the recipe a sweeter-tasting S treat. 

1c warm water
2T gelatin
1/4t salt
1/4t lemon extract
1t coconut butter (or 1T for a sweeter, S treat)
Handful frozen raspberries (1/4c)
Handful frozen cranberries (1/4c)
4 or more ice cubes

Whiz warm water in blender, and while blender is running add gelatin. Add salt, lemon extract and coconut butter. Assemble frozen goods on the counter, and working quickly, add cranberries, raspberries and 4 ice cubes. Allow blender to run. It may thicken after a few moments. Turn off blender and pour into bowl. Depending on the temperature of your water and the size of your ice cubes, you may need to add more ice to achieve a temperature low enough to thicken. Serves one. Enjoy!!! 

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