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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Simplest GF Sourdough Pan Bread (THM E)

From the files of simplicity, here is another foolproof three ingredient recipe. Super tasty, too! When you crave toast, this is your go-to. The panbreads can be shaped into any size you prefer. I like making them sanddollar sized, but they could definitely hold their own as sandwich or mini-pizza material. They are delightfully chewy and have the rich sourdough flavor of sharp cheese (a huge plus for this dairy free girl!).

1/3c active sourdough starter, allowed to settle and any clear liquid poured off*
1t psyllium husks
2 pinches of salt

Heat a cast iron skillet until very hot. Meanwhile, combine all ingredients and let sit just a moment, for batter to thicken. Shape breads with your hands- I like to make little balls the size of walnuts and then make them as thin and flat as I can. Place three in the pan (more if they fit) and cover. Flip with a good spatula when bread is golden and pan releases bread. Cook until golden color is achieved on the other side. Enjoy!! 

*To create your own sourdough starter, visit here to see the first day in the wild sourdough series:

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