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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cafe Mocha Pudding FP (gf, df, sweetener free)

This pudding is in honor of my mom. She taught me that a good meal, made from scratch, can solve just about everything. Thanks to her, I learned how to keep a proper pantry, always eat good food and never run out of eggs. ;) 

This recipe reminds me of her because she loves coffee ice cream, and has had a lifelong love of France and all things French since first visiting there in college. Despite working full-time and raising three daughters she has followed her heart and returned there many times. She has been married to my dad for more than forty years. 

My mom is super creative, and even during the busiest times she had projects going... handknits for us girls, handsewn clothes for herself. These days her medium of choice is quilting. 

And she can teach, and raise kids well. What have I not learned from my mom!? I am SO blessed. 

(I have a wonderful dad too. I'll tell you about him sometime when I develop a great recipe for roasted cashews ;) ).

And now for the Cafe Mocha Pudding recipe. Isn't it pretty? 

It is also packed with protein and ready in minutes. Best of all, though it is FP, it always seems like a big treat!

3/4 c warm prepared coffee (or warm water if using an espresso ice cube)
2T gelatin
1T cocoa powder 
1/2t vanilla
1/4t salt
1t coconut butter (optional; feel free to omit or increase to 1T for S)
Ice cubes (one espresso if not using warm coffee)

Whiz warm liquid in blender. Add gelatin and remaining ingredients except ice cubes; allow to combine well. Add 3 ice cubes in quick succession until only slightly thicker, like a frappe. If it doesn't thicken at all, even after blending for a few moments, add one more ice cube and watch carefully for signs of thickening for a while longer. The more ice cubes you add, the thicker it will be, and it's possible to add too many-- it is better to err on the side of too few. I personally find that I prefer a light, fluffy pudding. Immediately pour into your serving dish as it will set in just a moment. Serve immediately; this dish is quick to make and does not store well. Bon appetit!

Espresso Ice Cubes
2T coarsely ground coffee
I devised this method because I am a clueless non-coffee-drinker and don't own a funnel, filter etc. I'm also thrifty, and want to extract the maximum coffee goodness from my fair trade organic coffee (please buy this!). Put ground coffee in a tea ball. Pour 2c boiling water over the top and let steep until cool. Pour liquid into ice cube tray. Then, boil more water and rebrew the coffee, allow to cool, and freeze that too. You'll end up with some espresso ice cubes and some coffee ice cubes, which is handy so you can choose the best amount of caffeine for you at any given time. 


  1. sounds good! Is it bitter as it has no sweetening or does the vanilla take off the bitterness?

  2. I am with you when it comes to being a clueless non-coffee-drinker! thanks for the recipe! some of my children really like iced coffee, so if I am not fond of it, someone else here will be.

  3. Garden Del, the coconut butter has a sweet taste. No, it is not bitter. If you tend to like things on the sweet side, you might want to start with the S version of this recipe (1T coconut butter) and / or add your favorite sweetener.

  4. Lori, haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one! :) This recipe is great for us coffee lightweights because it really isn't that much coffee. I often only use one coffee ice cube.