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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sundress and Diaper Cover

I made this set for my delightful six month-old niece. 

The dress was fun and fuss-free to make. It is fully lined so I simply sewed right sides together and turned it inside out. It was fun to use a contrasting fabric for the lining. 

I needed to size it down a bit, but took the pattern from a darling dress my Aunt Nita made for my older sister when she was two:

The diaper cover Nita made is lost, so I used the free pattern Sweet and Simple Diaper Cover available on Craftsy. I modified the pattern a little because I thought a sleek bubble shape would better match the style of the dress than a ruffly one. The pattern was very well done; I would use it again! 

Ruthie the cat looks on, a bit forlorn as someone is packing. In this picture, she'd just finally moved to her nest after sitting for over an hour on a carry-on bag, in an effort to prevent the departure of one of her favorite people. 

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