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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Barcode Free Shirt

This is different... so far all my posts here have been food-related. But today, I was too hot and had Nothing To Wear. I have one nice, professional short sleeved button down shirt, which is in the laundry. Otherwise, I have some workout t-shirts and a drawer full of turtlenecks. That was not going to cut it in this town, where afternoons are often above 95 degrees in summertime. How did this even happen?

Anyway, I was loathe to spend money on something made in unhappy factory conditions (even at a goodwill). It seems to perpetuate our culture's image of how one should dress... at the expense of others. 

So, instead of heading out to spend a couple of soul-sucking hours in dressing rooms listening to bad music, I decided to make myself a new shirt. I've been dabbling in sewing without a pattern, and today I took the plunge with one yard of fabric I had on hand. Here is the result:

Not a great picture but I highly recommend this style if you want to experiment at home!! I made the top huge enough to fit anyone, then added elastic at the neck and adjusted until it fit. It took 3 hours at most and I'm wearing it to a play tonight.

Happy sewing, friends!!

P.s. Just for fun, when I got home from the play, I used the scraps to make a headband. There went two hours... oops. :) I like the result though! I used the directions in the great book We Love to Sew by Annabel Wrigley to create the Shibori flower. 

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