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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sprouting Grains Day 2.5

It took 36 hours for bubbles to appear in the millet in great numbers, and I was so busy this morning neglected it for several hours. When grain is ready to be drained for sprouting, each piece releases a tiny bubble. If I jiggle this bowl of VEY READY millet, it actually looks like it is boiling for a moment after! A less-neglected bowl just might appear to be barely beginning to simmer. 

I drained the millet. Isn't it pretty and vibrant-looking? 

When I first sprouted grains I had very little equipment. I would put the strainer in a bowl, cover with a glass lid, and leave the sprouts to do their thing. To rinse, I would briefly rinse the bowl, then fill it with water and dump the grains in. After a swish swish, I'd return them to the strainer / bowl / glass lid setup. This always worked beautifully. Note that as sprouts make progress, they will expand in volume. Rinse 2-3x per day, watching for the first sign of little white tails that indicate your sprouts are ready to dry. Yay! 

Thanks to Goodwill, I now have a slightly more sophisticated system: the Sprout Master, apparently made in the seventies and never removed from its packaging! Many other sprouting contraptions are on the market. Anyway, this is what mine looks like. 

View of drainage holes on the bottom:

I removed the loose-fitting lid to show the millet. Whatever setup you use, make sure the grain is covered to keep out dust, yet ventilated. 

As the French have it, a demain!

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