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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Turning Sprouted Grains into Flour

It's stunningly easy to turn sprouted grains into flour once they have been dehydrated. Just blend in the blender, using a pint jar withthe blender blade screwed on (somehow having the grains contained in a jar ensures they all get well blended). Count aloud to notice how long it takes for all visible grains to be ground to flour, then count to that number once more to be sure the interior grains are completely blended as well. Give a little shake and you're all set! Sprouted grains are much softer than unsprouted, so it shouldn't be a problem if a few grains are cracked but not completely ground. 


  1. Hi Tarah! :) Thanks for asking! I have dehydrated grains on cookie sheets in a warm oven (125 degrees) but these days I have a dehydrator which is much faster and easier. My dehydrator brand is Nesco and it cost around $40. Here is a link to all my posts about sprouting grains.