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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gluten Free Wild Sourdough Bread Day Whatever

Isn't it bubbly and beautiful!? Let's start out by saying I have not remained as devoted a starter mother as I was in the first week. After removing the dates, I have only fed and stirred it when I've thought of it every few days. Thankfully it has thrived on neglect and bubbles up enthusiastically the morning after it is fed. 

How to feed your "mature" sourdough:
In a fresh jar, combine 1T brown rice flour and 2T filtered water. Pour in the starter and stir thoroughly. Cover with a fresh cloth. (Note that putting the new flour in the bottom of the jar is not absolutely necessary but in the long term it helps prevent problems). 

I baked my first sourdough roll today! It was crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I didn't add any commercial yeast or leavening agent, so the fluffy crumb was all thanks to our friend the starter! It tasted delicious-- almost a flavor like a cheezit. I had fermented it 36 hours. Woohoo!! The recipe I used was 1 T fresh ground raw buckwheat groats (whizzed them in a blender), 2 T starter and about 2 T water. Yep, I forgot to add salt. I'm going to start another batch today to bake tomorrow. I need to check how much salt to use and try it with a bit less water so it isn't too doughy. I also need to improve on my "faux French bread oven" technique a bit. We're getting really close to a delicious sourdough roll you can replicate in your oven, folks!! Huzzah and hooray and stay tuned! :)


  1. I found this site, after I commented on the last sourdough one. :-) thank you! I would like to know where I should store my mature starter? thank you! :-)

  2. Another question - The recipe you used included buckwheat groats. We cannot have those. Can I replace it with more rice, quinoa, or teff flour?