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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gluten Free Wild Sourdough Day 3

The sourdough was starting to fall by nighttime tonight, and was looking a bit dry-- see how it's coming away from the sides of the jar? It's time to get it more food and a fresh home. 

For the curious-- a sideview of how much it's risen. Wow!

First, place 1T brown rice flour in a fresh jar. 

Pour the starter into the jar with the flour, holding back the dates in the old jar. Swirl 2T filtered water in the date jar to rise yeast off the dates.

Pour the water into the flour / starter jar. Stir thoroughly with a clean spoon. Cover with a fresh cloth. Read it a bedtime story...  just kidding. :)

By the way, our starter is currently at about 1/2 c total (unrisen state). It contains 5T brown rice flour and 8T water. I'm noting this so I can use it to calculate nutrition facts later. 

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